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Manufacturers Of Hardwood Wooden & Automatic Electric Gates

Hardwood Wooden Gates, Sliding Gates, Automatic Electric Gates.

Gatecraft have been building & installing high quality bespoke automated gates since 1980.

We have satisfied clients across London and the Southeast including: Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey & Sussex. To view some examples of our bespoke automated gates please visit our gallery.

Hardwood Wooden Gates have the advantage over softwood, because the material is inherently natural durable and stable. Initially the cost is greater but the service life is many times that of softwood, which represents long term value for money.

It is useful to know that softwood is also known as redwood, pine, spruce and larch.

Automatic Electric Gates are becoming more popular due to security, privacy concerns. Electric swing gates create an arc of swing that cannot be used for parking. If your drive is short this will not be practicle.

Sliding gates can be the answer to this problem. Providing there is adequate width a sliding gate can installed that will not take up valuable parking area. A sliding gate can be built to look like a pair but is one single leaf that can slide to right or left.

The property will need enough width for this work to be done. On narrower drives it is possible to have two halves sliding away from each other simultaneously. Whether a swing or sliding gate is used they can both look the same from the front.

Due to the weight of our hardwood gates, between 100 and 200kg per leaf, swing gates when hung on hardwood posts or brick piers will need secure foundations.

If starting a new site and brick piers are desired, a steel post of minimum 150 x 150 should be fixed into a foundation about 1m deep x .8 x .8 wide. This is a minimum requirement. If soil conditions are unstable, susceptible to ground heave, or near a watercourse or ditch, be prepared to increase this.

Once the steel posts are in place and hinge brackets welded to steel posts, brick work can commence. Commonly 550 to 600mm square piers are built and the hollow cavity containing the steel posts are useful for cabling ducts.

When the brickwork is complete the hinge pins will be protruding from the piers at the correct position. This position will be given at the design stage by our CAD design department.

Providing this work is carried out correctly you may not need to backfill the cavity as the mass foundation around the steel posts will be enough to take the weight of the gates.

To retrofit automatic electric gates to existing brick piers may require a site survey to establish the suitability of those piers. If they are hollow then strong concrete will need to be backfilled into the cavity (sand & cement are not good enough).

The steel hinge plates can then be fixed by drilling deep into the pier core and fixing steel studs with chemical resin. Then bolt the hinge plate into position.

Once this procedure is complete site measurements can be made to begin construction of the hardwood gate.

In the mean time ground ducting and the boxes for the motors can be installed prior the new drive surface being laid. If retro fitting to existing piers and drive then there will excavation channelling and making good required.

There is no substitute for quality, exactly what you can expect at Gatecraft.

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